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Vishu Phalam 2017 – Predications Based on Malayalam Nakshatram – Vishubhalam in 2017

Vishubhalam is the annual predictions on Vishu festival, the Malayalam Zodiac New Year. Vishu 2017 is on April 14. Vishu Phalam 2017, or Vishu predictions, for the coming year (April 2017 - April 2018) is a major highlight of the festival. Astrologers prepare special Vishu Phalam for each of the Nakshatram as per Malayalam astrology. The predictions for 27 nakshatrams – Ashwathy, Bharani, Kartika, Rohini, Makayiram, Thiruvathira, Punirtham, Pooyam, Ayilyam, Makam, Pooram, Uthram, Atham, Chithira, Chothi, Vishakam, Anizham, Triketta, Moolam, Pooradam, Uthradam, Thiruonam, Avittam, Chathayam, Pooruruttathi, Uthrattathi and Revathi for 2017 are given below.


Scientists, students and politicians will have a good year. You will be trouble by increased expenditure. You will decide on strict financial discipline. People will come asking for favor and you will find ways to help them. You will be unhappy with behavior of younger generation. There will be difference of opinion in the family. You will plan savings and career giving proper thought about future. Those looking for job will be able to find one. Business will be good. Marriage plans will face delay. Romance related matters will end in trouble. Combined efforts will see gains.


You will perform better than your expectations in exams and interviews. Those looking for new job will get positive results. You will attempt change in career. Business people renovate and expand business. There will be financial gains through job. Those having interest in sports and arts will have a good year. Avoid fights in family, office and with friends. You will get success with the help of them. Some of you will quit job and start freelance or business or self employment. Extra responsibilities. Sudden loss of job. Marriage as per desire. Avoid unwanted relationships. Unwanted desire will cause trouble.


Students might quit the present course and join a new one for better future. You will be constantly troubled by health issues. Avoid giving opinion and talking about matters you have no knowledge. You will achieve success in your endeavors. Tough period for those looking for a job. Business people might face government and legal troubles. New projects and ideas will meet with success. Those who have been staying away from family will get opportunity to stay together. Desires will be fulfilled. You will be able help friends or relatives financially. Marriage plans will be delayed.


 Your desires will be fulfilled. You will be able to display your talent and earn appreciation. Those looking for a new job will be lucky in this year. Some of you will get to explore new knowledge and places. Progress in business. New investments will get the desired result. You will be able to guide and inspire people. Some of you will move to a distant place as part of job. Your activities will be of great help to others. Financial progress. Those in medical field will perform well. Marriage as per desire. Romance will flourish.


 Opportunity to travel especially to spiritual centers and tourist spots. You will invest in a vehicle. You will be given promotion and additional responsibilities. You will be reward for your honesty and dedication. Avoid night time journey. New job opportunities. Business people will appoint employees with experience. Disputes regarding ancestral wealth will be settled. Students will see better marks after reexamination. Career will progress. Those looking for higher studies will have their wish fulfilled. Health issues will cause some damage. Marriage will be decided and held. Misunderstanding.


 Students will see progress. Luck is in your favor. Do daily prayers and you will see success in job and personal life. Avoid standing as surety, avoid lending money and avoid taking money from others, and avoid chit funds and other such investments. It is wise to not to interfere in other people’s matters. You will try to follow good teachings. A bad habit will cause serious health trouble. Marriage plans will be postponed. At workplace, avoid giving your responsibility to others. Not much progress in business and career in spite of hard work. Trouble due to opposite sex. Unexpected death in the family.


 You will be successful in exam and interviews. You will be appreciated and rewarded at the workplace. Lost documents or valuables will be recovered. Business people will be happy with progress and will take up new contracts. There will be peace and prosperity in the family. Unity in family will help in solving many problems. Scientists and those working in technological field will see good progress. You will turn spiritual. You will curtail your spending and focus on saving. Love matters will see positive progress. Marriage as per desire. An old health issue will return to trouble you.


 Some of you will be rewarded for your new findings, talent, hard work or dedication. You will face difficulties in the beginning of any new venture but you will attain success in the end. Those looking for new job should not lose focus. Lack of concentration will cause injuries and accidents. You will need to work hard to overcome certain unexpected difficulties in finance and personal life. Expected promotion or transfer will delayed. You will not be happy with the financial situation. Travels will be successful but hectic. Marriage as per desire.


You will taste success only after hard work. And your dedication and hard work will be rewarded but a bit late. Financial discipline will be enforced on family members. People might attempt to cheat you in money matters. Opportunity to say with family after long period. You need to be careful while handling vehicle, iron and fire. An old desire will be fulfilled. Disputes and misunderstandings will be cleared and their will be happiness in the family. You will be entrusted with new business or responsibilities. Marriage will be decided. Health will be fine. Children will bring joy.


 You will be able to lead a happy and prosperous life. Students and scientists will enjoy the fruits of hard work – recognition and awards for some. Money given will be returned. Additional income in the family. Property related disputes will be settled through a flexible approach. You will realize the futility of participating in unwanted activities. Spiritual lessons will be of great help. Extra expenditure. New house construction. Chance of accidents. Opposite sex might cause some trouble. Health will be fine. Travel to distant places.


 Financially a stagnant period. Career progress. Avoid taking risk at workplace. Give advice or opinion only when you are asked. Those looking for a new job will face initial disappointments. There will be progress in business but income will be less. You will have good luck and blessings of God in this year. Children will make you proud. You will get job opportunity in a field that has immense potential. Laziness and unwanted fear will cause problems for students. Marriage related plans will be delayed. Travels will be hectic but successful. Romance and love related matters take unexpected turns. You will get costly gifts.


Money you had given as loan will be returned. Progress in the family. Business people will make changes in the structure for better performance. You will take up new projects. You will decide to stay away from bad friendships and unwanted get-togethers. Difficulties would be overcome through intelligence and mental toughness. Dreams will be fulfilled. Good year for politicians, social workers, doctors and those in service. Marriage as per desire will be decided. Health will be fine. You will meet old friends and relatives. There will no relief from fights with relatives.


 You will be able to complete projects and work on time. Students will get admission in a desired place. Business people will make key changes to work. Those looking for new job will not be happy with those on offer. Temple visits and donations. Career progress. You will be able to satisfy your management. Parents will be of great help. You will invest in vehicle. People will come asking for help. Financially it is a good period. Opportunity to make investments. Love related matters will cause problems. Death of a friend or colleague will come as a shock. Delay in marriage. Health issues will keep you occupied.


 You will see career progress. Those who had put in the hard work will be rewarded. New jobs and it will be to your satisfaction. Financially it is not a great period. Payments will be delayed. You will face difficulties but all problems will be solved by the middle of the year. Chance of accidents especially due to carelessness. You will make friendship with people who have good knowledge. Those projects that you are following with determination will achieve success. Avoid multitasking as it will not of great use. You will need to be extra cautious regarding wealth and house – chance of theft. Some of you will decide to put an end to married life. Health will be fine.


 You will be able to overcome scandals and misinformation. Enemies will be active. New house construction will be delayed. Transfer and desire to settle in native place will be delayed. You will perform below your expectations in exams and interviews. Money matters will not see much progress. Business people will face a tough period. There will be extra hours of work and additional responsibilities. Some of you will decide on career change. Delay in many of your plans. Travels will be successful. Some of you will take a break this year. Some serious health issues. You need to offer prayers daily and remain positive.


 Promotion and better position. You will be able to work more freely and constructively. Those looking for new job will get positive results. You will be thankful. Desires will be fulfilled. Financial progress. You will give up bad habits and start treatment to overcome it. You will need to be diplomatic and flexible. You will get transfer or new job near house so that you can stay with family. Truthfulness and honest will help in overcome tough situations and enemies. You will stick to your beliefs and values. Marriage will be held this year. Good year for remarriage. There will be peace in the family. You will meet old friends and relatives. Health will be fine. Students will have a progressive year.


 Demise of a relative will come as a big shock this year. You will be more practical this year. Career progress. Financially it is a safe period. You will plan properly and integrate new ideas. Success for freelancers, self employed and business people. Your confidence will improve. You might invest in a new house. Look stay more close to your work place. Marriage matters might see some confusion. Some serious health issues. Legal disputes. You might attract fine or penalty. Students might show laziness. Married people have problems will open up and attempt to find solutions. Travels will be successful.


 Opportunity for foreign travel especially related to studies and job. Those looking for new job will be able to land on one this year – especially in your field. You will get opportunity to serve family. There will be happy occasions. Financially it is a safe period. You will have desires fulfilled. You will become more religious. Business people will make necessary changes to adapt to changing business needs. Travels will be hectic. Romance will flourish. Difference of opinion in marriage matters. Sudden change of behavior of near ones will cause mental agony. Travels will be good. Health will be fine.


 Some of you will decide to return home and find work near home. You will participate in important functions in home, temple and family. Decision will be made regarding ancestral wealth. Some of you will decide to sell the present house and buy a better one. Damage due to vehicle. You will need to show lot of patience for success. Do not drop things at the slightest difficulty – stick on you will be successful. You will get good partners for your new venture. Financially it is a stagnant period. Marriage will be decided and held. Serious difference with spouse. Health will be good. Students will have a good month. Those working in medical field will have a good year.


 Bad luck especially in career and new job related matters. Some of you might lose job and face a career crisis. Some of you might stay away from the family. Some of you will restart an old business with the help of partners. Politicians, teachers and those working in government services might face tense situations. Flexible approach will solve many issues. Hospital visits. Trouble due to children. You will not be happy with marriage alliances. Romance related matters will face opposition. Need to be extra cautious while doing journey. You might get poisoned due to animals. Students will perform well.


 Good year to invest in a new house. Some of you might become superstitious and find fault with house, vehicle, etc for bad luck in life. You will get new job mostly due to your good conduct and behavior. You will perform better than expectation in job interviews and exams. Business people will inject new blood into business through new ideas and people. Job related studies will take you to distant place. You will be inspired by words of great people. You will decide to put an end to a bad behavior and bad friendship. Cheating in romance related matters. Travels will yield good results. Will not be happy with health. Marriage matters might be delayed. Legal matters will be settled in your favor.


 You will make good financial gains through property deals. You will face crisis at the work place. There will some serious developments in your career. Those looking for new job will face some bad luck. Good year for business people. Money matters will be good but you will be fearful of future. You will decide to opt out of present treatment and look out for a more natural option. You will be misunderstood by friends and relatives. You might make enemies. Love matters will flourish. A secret of yours will be revealed. Marriage as per desire will be fixed. Travels will be good. Health issues will be of concern. Students and artists will have good year. Sports people need to be extra cautious.


 There will be some clarity regarding career and job in this year. Some of you will decide to buy a home. There will be happiness in the family. Difference of opinion will be sorted out. There will not be any major financial gains. Loans will be approved. Money lend to friends will be returned but after some difficulty. Issues with your spouse will be settled and will restart your married life. Friends and relatives will be helpful. You will be worried about the future of your children. There will be religious functions in the family. Those who are romantically involved will face difficulties. Students will need to work hard for success. An health issue will keep you down for a small part of the year.


 Your desire to relocate to another country will be fulfilled in this year. Luck and prayers will help in overcoming tense situations. Career progress. Change of job location. Those looking for new job will face disappointments. Business people will see profit and improvement of business by implementing new ideas. You will work hard to unite warring family members and relatives. Taking advice from experts in your job will help in overcoming failures. Financially it is a good period. Luck is in your favor. Lack sleep and bad dreams. Fear of failure will result in losing good opportunities. Marriage as per desire will be held. Those looking for remarriage will have it fulfilled. Health issues will keep you occupied.


 You will need expert advice to implement your business ideas. You should avoid enticements. Gains through property deals. You might be unhappy with the workplace but not the right period to take risk in job. Those looking for new job should be careful with the offer. Read carefully documents before signing. Financial damages due to investments made without proper thought. You need to be more realistic. When you are able to practice contentment things will become more easy. You will meet old friends and relatives. Trouble in marriage will be solved with the help of elders. Students will have a good period. Romance related matters might cause heart burn. Marriage plans will be delayed due to unexpected events. Travels will be successful.


 Keep your cool and avoid anger in workplace and public places. You should not be adamant that things should always go in the way you want. Those looking for new will be lucky in this year. Financially it is a good year. Decision regarding ancestral wealth. Loans will be approved. Luck in lottery and games. Business people will involve younger generation in business. Delay in a decided marriage for some. Love related matters will flourish. Flexible approach will win hearts. Relationship issues will be solved. Travels will be successful. You might stay away from home for long period. Students will perform well. You need to be extra cautious while using vehicle. Lawyers and those in government services will do well.


Your desires will be fulfilled. You will be happy that your talent, hard work and dedication are being noticed by people. If you are looking for a new job then this is a lucky year. You will of help to other people. Financially safe period with good return from earlier investments. You will be inspired by work of great people. Children will bring happiness. Loans will be taken to buy house or vehicle. Unwanted worry about future will cause damage to present. You will get awards or prizes. Unexpected trouble in relationship. You might be hit by a scandal. Health will be fine. Marriage will be held as per planned. Travels will be hectic. Lost valuable will be retrieved. Avoid lending money. Students will have a good year.

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