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Food is not a commodity – food is life – Sadhguru

With how much love, care, and tenderness you handle the food that you eat decides how your body will be. If the world learns to handle food with the needed wisdom, 70 percent of the ailments would vanish. For most ailments, the headquarters is in the stomach. If you put inappropriate fuel into an automobile, both its efficiency and lifespan will go down – the same is true with our body.

Food is not a commodity – food is life. If we can eat with enormous gratitude for all the living things which give up their life to sustain our lives, then the food will behave in a very different way within us. If we can bring this awareness in people, that food is life making material and not a commodity for sure, people would become more sensitive as to how they use this life-making phenomenon.

The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of some other life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life and become you. This is the greatest pleasure that a human being knows, that in some way something that is not him has become willing to become a part of him. This is what you call as love. This is what people call as devotion. This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual process – to include that which is not you as yourself, and food is the simplest beginning in that direction.
– Sadhguru

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