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Food is about the body – Sadhguru

If you become worshipful towards the creation around you, if you worship the bird, the plant, the flower, the food that you eat, the earth that you walk on, the water that you drink, the very air that you breathe, your life will become utterly beautiful.

If you don’t make yourself receptive to the Grace around you, then your head will cook up hell. Every day it will manufacture a new hell.

When it comes to food, you must learn to ask the body, and listen to it. What your body wants, what you body is happy with, that is what you should eat.

Right now, your mind decides what you eat and the mind has nothing to do with food.

Food is about the body. If you learn to listen to the body, then you will naturally eat properly.
– Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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