Ugadi Predictions for 2016 – Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara 2016 Predictions

One of the important aspects of Hindu New year is the annual predictions. Below are the Ugadi predictions 2016 for 12 Rashis for Durmukhi Nama Samvatsara. Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karka, Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha and Meena Rashi Ugadi predictions 2016 can be read below.

Mesha Rashi – New relationships. Sudden problems in career for some. Good job opportunities. Success in studies. Desire fulfillment for some. Marriage plans will be delayed. Legal trouble in property matters. Good year to implement new ideas. Increase in expenditure. Friends will be helpful. Old settled issues might return to trouble you.

Vrishabha Rashi – You must learn to make reversals into an opportunity. Avoid depending on others. Travel opportunity. New jobs in foreign location. Loss or theft of valuables. Health related troubles. You will show interest in spiritual matters. Difference of opinion in the family. Friendship with famous or influential people.

Mithuna Rashi – A fairly good year but if you are not patient and cannot control your anger it might turn into a bad year. Increase in income. Help from relatives. Damage due to unwanted interference in other people’s matters. Relief from a health issue. Opportunity to prove your talent. Stay away from Bad influence and bad habits.

Karka Rashi – You might face some tough situations. Lack of support from family. Good job opportunities. Delay in receiving loans, money etc. Some legal trouble. Gains from lottery, stocks or games. Spiritual journeys. Opportunity to solve outstanding issues.

Simha Rashi – Not a great year. Trouble at work place. You will get ancestral wealth. Opportunity to travel. Disputes in family. Jealous colleague might cause some worry. Tendency to splurge on luxury items. Many things that were stopped due to various reasons will be restarted.

Kanya Rashi – Mixed fortune. Increase in income and new job for some. High chance of health troubles or accidents. Favorable answer from government. Legal issues will be in your favor. Trouble from vehicle. Unexpected income. You will be forced to make tough decisions. Delay in marriage plans.

Tula Rashi – A stagnant period. You will need to work hard to achieve success. Good year for students and business people. Marriage will be held. You will show new vigor. You will put an end to friendship or relationship that is not in the right direction. Some trouble in personal life. Friends might turn foes.

Vrischika Rashi – If you are ready to put the extra effort this will be a great year in career and studies. You will be rewarded for hard work. A fairly good year. You must learn to say ‘NO’ when it is necessary. Avoid taking risks in career. Those looking for new job will get good opportunity. Trouble related to opposite sex. Scandal.

Dhanu Rashi – Lot of opportunities this year in career related matters. You will buy new home or renovate old one. Gains from property deals. Health trouble. Will have to pay fine or penalty. Good year to start new business or for starting freelance or self employment. Trouble with near relatives. Old issues might come to haunt you. Relief from health issues.

Makar Rashi – You will be able to execute new plans successfully. Children will make parents proud. Sudden increase in profit. Gains through travels. Ancestral disputes will be settled in your favor. Reversal in career. Sudden job loss for some. Marriage will be fixed. Frustration for those looking for new jobs. Help from relatives and friends. Health related troubles. Travels will be successful.

Kumbha Rashi – There will gains in financial matters. There will be happy and auspicious occasions in the family. Fights with friends or family members might cause some damage. You will buy new vehicle. Better job with the help of friends. You will be hurt by gossips or scandals. Luck in games and lottery. Lack of positive response might dent your confidence. People might try to cheat you by selling bogus ideas.

Meena Rashi – Lot of hard work. Travels will be hectic. You might have to be part of unwanted disputes. Legal troubles. Gains from stock markets and through speculation. You will be saddened by sudden loss of a near one. Income from property. Additional source of income. Trouble in married life for some. Over confidence and taking undue risk will not be good for career. Good year for those looking to get married.