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Sadhguru – An Experience of Self Realization

One day, I decided to paint the wall. I dipped the brush in the paint and put it to the wall. I did not want to paint the whole wall thoroughly, so I just put the paintbrush onto the surface and walked from one side to another.

The paint started out very thick, and then became thin, thin, thinner and slowly disappeared.

I saw this paint smear, which started out thick, become thinner and thinner and then just disappear.

Seeing this, I exploded; tears were simply rolling out of my eyes. I just looked at this and there was the whole creation right there. That is all the whole creation is: a paint smear. It starts out really thick and gross, becomes thinner and thinner and thinner, and becomes nothing. So from the lowest to the highest, it was all there, the viswa rupa darshana for me, in just this paint smear.

Sadhguru - Source "The Mystic Eye"

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