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Peruman Pezhumthuruthu Devi Temple Gajamela near Kollam - Munroe Island

Peruman Pezhumthuruthu Devi Temple is located at Perumon (Munroe Island) near Kollam. The small but beautiful shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy. The temple is around 14 km from Kollam. Peruman Pezhumthuruthu Devi Temple Gajamela 2017 date is February 8.

Gajamela festival in Kerala temples is note for the display of caparisoned elephants. The number of elephants displayed depends on the financial capacity of the temple. Some temples display more than a dozen elephants.

The annual fair and festival attracts hundreds of people.

It is annually observed on the Thiruvathira Nakshatram day in Makaram month.

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