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Mesha Rashi 2016 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Aries Zodiac - How will be year 2016 for Mesha Rasi?

For people born in – Aries Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mesha Rashi, 2016 will be a mixed year. Career improvement. Health will of a great concern. Laziness might cause damage. Desire fulfillment. Enemies will cause damage. Mesha Rashi 2016 Predictions is given in detail below. February, April, July, August and October 2016 are good period for Mesha Rashi. January, March and December 2016 will see ups and downs. May, June, September and November 2016 are tough periods.

Career - There will be progress, salary increase, promotion and transfer for Mesha Rashi. Those looking for new job will get one – provided you don’t get disappointed with some rejections. Help from colleagues. Sudden reversal in career for some – but you can overcome with your hard work and intelligence. Those who are self employed will see progress.

Finance - Wealth will be acquired from property or farmland. You will buy new vehicle. You will invest in metals like silver or gold. Loans will be approved. You will waste money on unwanted products and luxury items. Luck in lottery, games, chit fund etc. Gains from stocks. Avoid getting trapped in spurious advertisements. This will result in monetary loss and damage to reputation.

Personal Life - You will respect and help old people. You might develop laziness and this will put important aspect of life in danger. There will be difference of opinion with brothers or sisters. Enemy activity might increase during the latter part of the year. You will make new friendship with people who are honest and genuine. Lot of journeys. Success through travels. Those wishing to have children will be blessed in this year. Desire fulfillment in romantic matters. A major project, which was pending for longtime, will be completed. You will travel to mountainous regions. Vacations will be planned and successfully executed. Those looking to travel abroad will be able to do it this year. All obstacles in this matter will be cleared. Children might face some difficulties. Marriage as per desire will be held for some. Some of you will have marriage decided in the year but the function might only happen in next year. No encouragement for those looking for remarriage.

Business - Those people doing business related to wood and perfume will have a good year.

Health - Health will be a major area of concern especially for those born in the first quarter of Mesha Rashi. Trouble from animals or reptiles or insects – poisoning or physical injury.

Good year for students. You will perform well. Admission for higher studies.

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