Vishakam Nakshatram 2015 Predictions - Vishakham Nakshatra Astrology Predictions in 2015

In 2015, Vishakam Nakshatram will have mixed fortune. Change of company or workplace. Will get opportunity display your talents. Migration.  Astrology Predictions for Visakam Nakshatram for 2015 is given below. January, February, June, August, September 2015 are good periods. May, July, and November will see both good and bad. March, April and December are tough periods. Vishakam Nakshatra is the 16th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisham or astrology. The first 45 quarter or 45 nazhika of Visakham is in Tula Rasi or Thula Kurru (Libra Zodiac) and the next 15 quarter or 15 nazhika is in Vrischika Rasi or Vrischikakurru (Scorpio Zodiac) as per moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar.

Career – Some of you will decide to look out for a new job as the company currently working in is going through a bad phase. Don’t expect much progress from a job change. You will make a career using your talent. You will complete projects on time. You will make career changes by taking advice from people with experience. Sudden turmoil in career – avoid making hasty decisions… it will get over. Those looking for new job should not wait for the golden one – utilize a good offer and gain some experience. You will not be happy with the result even after doing a good work.

Finance – You will get ancestral wealth. Disputes regarding financial matters and property will be settled. Sudden expenses might cause some worries. Be careful while handling money. Some of you will decide to sell property to overcome a huge financial problem. Don’t get involved in other people’s financial matters. You will complete an ongoing house construction and move into new house. Delay in loans might dampen your spirits regarding construction. Renovation of house will be undertaken. Loss from vehicles.

Business – A stagnant period but still you will able to complete many business ideas. You will make new plans and will put into practice by the third quarter of the year. There will be progress in the second part of year but not much profit.  Some of you will put an end to partnership business and will go independent. Relief in legal matters.

Personal life – By being straight forward and honest you will be able to overcome accusations. You might face some tough situations all of a sudden – keep your cool and do not get emotional. You might turn spiritual and follow traditions. Stay away from gossips. Do not let other people interfere into your personal life. You will be saddened by rumors about you. Some trouble for those who are involved in a romantic relationship. A good period if you are attempting to get romantically hooked.

Married life – Those couples who were having trouble in having children will be blessed this year. You need to expect reality and live accordingly. Opportunity to stay with family and go to work. Couples having serious fights will decide to stay apart. Children will make parents proud.

Students might decide to change the present course. Better results in reexamination.

Do not undertake unintelligent matters.

You can expect rewards.

Marriage will be decided. For some marriage will be only held next year.

Travels will be smooth. Spiritual journeys for some.

Health will be fine.

You will try to follow the words of great people.

Accidents due to carelessness – lucky escape for some.

Opportunity to migrate to foreign countries.

Unwanted haste and over confidence will cause trouble and embarrassing situations.