Thiruvathira Nakshatra 2015 Predictions – Birth Star Tiruvathira Astrological Predictions in 2015

People born in Thiruvathira Nakshatra will have a good year in 2015. You will make gains in property deals. You will make attempts to get over bad habits. Thiruvathira Nakshatram astrological predictions for 2015 is given below.January, March, June, July, August and December 2015 will be good and bad for Meen Rasi. February, September and November 2015 are good months. April, May, and October will some tough times. As per Panchang, astrology and calendar followed in Hinduism, Thiruvathira is in Mithuna Kurru or Mithun Rashi (Gemini Zodiac).

Career – Good year for making career changes. You will be able to overcome difficulties in career. There will be increase in salary. Some of you might decide to quit the present job and start own establishment based on your expertise. Those looking for a new job will be able to land on one with the help of friends or acquaintance. You will impress management and seniors with your dedication and hard work. The promotion that was denied will be given this year.

Finance – Gains from land or house or flat dealings. Problems regarding ancestral property will be solved and you will get your share. You will get an amount of money that was blocked due to various reasons. Good year to buy new home. Additional income in the family. A good year to invest in stocks and long term savings. Luck is in your favor – you can expect gains in games, lottery and speculation.

Business – You will achieve success in new business endeavors. You will be able to execute new business ideas keeping in mind the future needs. You will start business which is related to foreign countries. Good year for those involved in agricultural related business. You will decide to take control of business due to lack of interest shown by family members. You will find good employees. Relief in court matters.

Personal Life – Serious problem plaguing your personal life will be solved. You will make honest attempts to overcome bad habits. You will be able to fulfill desires. Good behavior will earn good friends. You will be forced to interfere in the fight of your relatives. Parents and relatives might not agree with your decisions. Marriage for those who are in a relationship. A good year to start a new relationship.

Married life – Spouse will be helpful especially financially. Children will become more responsible. Spiritual journeys. Couples who have been staying apart due to work will get opportunity to stay together. Those couples who are having problems will get opportunity to overcome it. Happy occasions in the family in the form child birth, marriage, engagement etc.

You will be happy to see your thoughts becoming reality in this year.

Good year for those looking to get married. You will get alliances as per desire.

You will show more spiritual interest.

Health will be fine. But health of a female member in the family will cause some concern.

Travels will be successful.

Students will get opportunity for higher studies in desired field.