Mithuna Rashi 2015 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Gemini Zodiac in 2015 – Mithun Rasi

For people born in – Gemini Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mithuna Rashi, 2015 will be a favorable year. There will be gains in property dealings. Mithuna Rashi 2015 Predictions are given in detail below. You will be able to get many of your thoughts in to reality. Improvement in financial matters. January, March, July August, September, October and December 2015 are good periods. April, June and November 2015 will be neither good nor bad. February and May 2015 are tough periods.

Career – You will be surprised that many of your ideas are successfully implemented. Improvement in salary. You will solve serious issues at work place. Some of you might quit job and invest successfully in your field of expertise and make profit. Those looking for new job will get one by showing flexibility and willingness to learn new subjects. Additional responsibilities for some. Your company in trouble or loss making might force you to look for job elsewhere.

Finance – You will be able to keep your budgets in control. Opportunity to buy property, house or flat at a lower price. Issues regarding ancestral wealth will be solved. Some of you will buy new home. House construction which was stopped will be restarted. Some damage due to vehicles. You might buy a new vehicle. Loss due to speculation and by taking risks. Lost documents or valuables will be retrieved.

Business – Your confidence level will increase. You will be able to successfully complete business projects by proper planning. Business with foreign partners. Good period for farmers and those dealing in farm related matters. You will get good employees. Government related problems will be solved. Good year to start new business.

Personal Life – You will get the confidence and maturity to solve any issues with courage and patience. Stars are in your favor so take a plunge if you are having a love interest. You will take firm decision regarding marriage related matters. Dreams will come true. You might be called upon to resolve disputes among relatives. Romantically involved people will decide on marriage.

Married couples will get support and protection of children. Those couples working in different location will get opportunity to work and live together. Those couples who have serious issues in the relationship will decide to call it an end. Guests and happy occasions in the family.

You will drop bad habits.

Students will get opportunity for higher studies in a desired subject.

Travel plans that did not happen in the previous year will be successfully executed in this year.

Health will be fine.

Marriage will be held for those looking in this year. Some of you might take firm decisions regarding marriage proposals which might not go well with parents and relatives.

You will find happiness in sharing and exchanging knowledge.

Indulging in spiritual and religious matters will improve your confidence level.