Meena Rashi 2015 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Pisces Zodiac – Meen Rashi 2015

For people born in Meena Rashi – Pisces Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – 2015 will be a favorable year. Increase in confidence level. Success in job interviews. Opportunity for higher studies. Meena Rashi 2015 Astrology Predictions is given below. April, May, August and November 2015 are bad for Meen Rashi.  February, June, September will see both good and bad times. January, March, July, October and December 2015 are good.

Career – You expect good success – do your prayers, be dedicated and determined. Lethargy and laziness will cause some damage. Drop the ‘chalta hai’ attitude. Good year for scholars, musicians, researchers and scientists. You will be able to make use of your ideas at workplace. Those looking for a new job will be able to get one – keep all doors open. Relatives and acquaintances will be helpful in job hunt. Management, seniors, and colleagues will be helpful. You will be honored. Salary increase and promotion for many. Avoid postponing work. Stay out of gossips and office politics. Good year to change jobs. Some of you might opt for voluntary retirement. Sudden problems in your company will be solved soon – do not make hasty decisions. Do a thorough research before opting for a foreign job.

Finance – Long term investments made in this year will bring good returns. Gains from speculations. Profit in investment made in friend’s or relative’s business. Temptations to make quick money will cause huge loss and reputation. Loans will be delayed especially due to bad paper work. Opportunity to buy new vehicle. Loss in sale of vehicle. Do not make investments in unknown entities. You will achieve financial discipline. Luck in lottery, games and competitions. House renovation for some. You might decide to move into a bigger home in a convenient location. You will start house construction or will give initial payment for a flat or property. Children might cause some damage.

Business – Favorable period for business expansion. Profit and improvement in business. You will make new business relationships. Good year for those involved in the business of chemicals, paper and hardware. You will decide to expand business. Old family business will be revived. Favorable decisions in partnership business. You might be forced to terminate employees who were causing damage. Business related renovation will be successful. Loans will be delayed. New legal issues will complicate matters. Some relief in government related matters.

Personal Life – Foes will become friends. Be cautious in all dealings with the opposite sex. Your personal decisions will be agreed by family members, relatives and friends. Accept constructive criticisms. Your desires and fantasies will come true. Those involved in a romantic relationship will decide on marriage. You might opt for a life of solitude in some months. You will meet a good partner. There will be plenty of opportunity to drop bad habits and friendships.

Married life – Good year for those couples that are looking to have a child. Couples having sexual problems will be able to solve with the help of a therapist. You will plan family vacations and get-togethers. Those couples staying apart will get opportunity to patch up. Health of spouse will improve. Spiritual journeys will be undertaken.

Students will have a favorable period. You will perform well in arts and sports. A lost opportunity will come back. Good year for higher studies.

Marriage as per desire for some. Some of you will have your marriage decided and quickly held in this year. Some of you might opt out of a marriage after realizing that it is not a suitable alliance. Not a great year for those looking for remarriage.

You will show spiritual inclination and might participate in satsangs and religious camps. Some of you might go on journey to distant sacred places.

Travels will be successful. Journey to foreign locations. Will go and stay in distant location with relatives.

Some health troubles might turn serious. Hospitalization will be required.