Kumbh Rashi 2015 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Aquarius Zodiac – Kumbha Rashi

Kumbh Rashi – Aquarius Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – will face some tough situations in the year 2015. Success will be tough. Damage due to vehicles. Astrology predictions for Kumbha Rashi in 2015 is given in detail below. April, March, August and September 2014 are good. January, July, November 2015 will see both good and bad times. February, May, June, October and December 2015 are bad.

Career – Trouble in company or work place will force you to look for a new job. Some of you might experience lack of progress in career – avoid harsh decision and concentrate on your work. Avoid trying out too many things this year. Those looking for new job after coming out of college etc might find it tough. Activities of enemies and jealous colleagues will cause some worries. Concentrate on a single career and try to become master in it. Traveling abroad for job purpose should be undertaken only after due consideration. Those looking for government job will be frustrated by delays. Delay in promotion. Some of you will decide to quit present job and start business or company – do it in a field in which you have good knowledge. Do not pay money for new job – if required do it after consulting experienced people and concerned authorities.

Finance – Don’t expect much progress in money related matters this year. Delay in receiving salary might cause some troubles. Old debts will become worrisome. Some of you will decide to sell or pawn property or valuables to pay debts. Money related matters should be approached with a calm and peaceful mind. Give savings prime importance this year. Relatives, friends or neighbors might become enemies due to money related matters. You might be forced to pay fine or penalty. You might make initial payment for a property or flat during the second part of the year. Change of residence. Delay in getting loans. Some damage due to vehicles. House renovation plans will be dropped. Some of you will decide to postpone vacations.

Business – Progress will slow and profit will be less. You might decide to close some business that was not giving any profit. Not a good year to start an additional business. Concentrating on your main business will be helpful in future. Loan related matters will be stuck. Payments will be delayed. New partners will come as a relief. Family run business will need more of your attention. Employee related problems will be solved. Relief in legal and government related matters. Renovation and expansion plans will not be smooth.

Personal Life – You might agree to relatives and friends on important matters – this might cause some fights. Avoid prejudice and try to be flexible. Unwanted expectations from others will only cause disappointment. You might face depression. Scandals and accusations – overcome it with honest approach. Fights among relatives regarding ancestral wealth. Those involved in a romantic relationship will decide on marriage. Parents will be supportive. Siblings will be helpful. Good year to start a new relationship.

Married life – Spouse will be of great help emotionally and financially. New birth and religious festivals in the family. Get-togethers. Children will become more responsible and will make parents proud. You will have guests and will meet old relatives and friends. Patience, lack of anger, and flexible approach will help in a peaceful life. Those having serious difference of opinion might opt for separation. Spouse might find about your extra marital relationship.

Marriage will be fixed and held as per desire. Some of you will decide to postpone the marriage due to bad health of a family member. Trouble in an already fixed marriage will cause some tense moments. Those looking for remarriage might not be happy with alliances.

Students will need to work hard for success. Bad friendship and bad habits will bring trouble. Limited success in sports and arts.

Minor health troubles will keep occurring through out the year. Bad health of a younger member of the family will cause some worries.

You might not be happy with the result of travels. Plan your travels properly and avoid haste and last minute changes.

Self praise and overconfidence will cause problems in this year.

You will get opportunity to meet and interact with people whom you admire.