Tula Rashi August 2014 – Tula Rasi Predictions – Libra Zodiac in August 2014

In August 2014, Tula Rashi, or Libra Horoscope, born people will get to hear good and positive news. You will be able to complete unfinished work. Good and auspicious dates in August 2014 for Tula Rasi, or Libra Zodiac, are August 3, 8, 13, 17, 23, 25, 27 and August 31. The predictions are based on moon sign.

Career – There will be positive developments in career. You will be rewarded for previous hard work. Those looking for new job will be lucky in this month. You will be able to win over your enemies. Some of you will decide to quit present job and take up work near home. Old career related issues will be settled.

Finance – Good month to invest in stocks and also in other savings. Delay in loans. You will complete renovation works at home. Legal matters will be in your favor. Opportunity to buy new vehicle. You will be spending on religious matters. Money will be returned.

Business – This month you might face some reversals due to bad and harsh decisions – be calm and relaxed and avoid hasty decisions. There will positive response to your new business ideas. Some of you might decide to include more partners. Delay in getting money. You will find good workers.

Personal Life – You will get emotional support from parents and friends. Good month to decide about the future of your romantic relationship. Good period to talk about marriage plans to your partner. Those looking to get involved in a romantic relationship will get positive response. Some misunderstandings with relatives.

Married couples will have a good month. You will participate in auspicious occasions. There will be happiness in the family.

Students will have a good month. You will perform well in games and arts.

Relief from old health issues.

Travels will be successful.

Marriage will be decided for some in this month as per desire.