Simha Rashi August 2014 – Simha Rasi Predictions – Leo Zodiac in August 2014

Simha Rashi, or Leo Horoscope, born people will make profit from property deals. Difficulties during travel. There will be happiness, get-togethers and spiritual events. Good and auspicious dates in August 2014 for Simha Rasi, or Leo Zodiac, are August 3, 9, 10, 11, 19, 21, 26 and August 31. The predictions are based on moon sign.

Finance – A good month as you will be happy with positive financial opportunities. Loans will be approved. Financial legal matters will be settled in your favor. Profit will be made through land deals. Good month to try luck in lottery and games. Money you had thought lost will be recovered.

Career – Nothing will work as per your expectations. A good period for those looking for a new job. Help from colleagues and seniors. Increase in workload and travel. Activities of enemies will increase. Career related disputes will be settled in your favor.

Business – There will be good opportunity to invest in new business. Delayed money will be released. You will be able to make profit through partners. Trouble in family run business. You will not be happy with the progress of an old business.

Personal Life – Good month for those who are romantically involved to decide on future. Parents and relatives will be helpful. You will participate in religious matters. There will be happy occasion. If you are looking to make a romantic proposal then this is good period.

Married couples will have a good period. There will be happy news in the family. Good period to forget and forgive and start afresh.

Travels will be hectic. Do proper planning before traveling.

Students will have a good period.

Marriage will be decided for those looking. Be honest in marriage related talks if not it might cause huge embarrassment.

Health will remain normal.