Vrishabha Rashi July 2014 – Rishabh Rasi Predictions – Taurus Zodiac in July 2014

In July 2014, Vrishabha Rashi, or Taurus Horoscope born, people will have a month of mixed fortune. There will some trouble due to vehicles. There will be success. You will be honored. There will be success. Good and auspicious dates in July 2014 for Rishabh Rasi, or Taurus Zodiac, are July 1, 8, 15, 17, 22, 23 and 28. Predictions based on Moon sign.

Finance – There will be some unexpected expenditure. You can expect additional income in the family. Loans will be delayed. You should be careful with your belongings. Gains from speculation.

Career – You will be appreciated for your hard work. Success for those looking for new jobs. Some of you will decide to return home from a foreign location. You will be able to overcome opposition.

Business – Stagnant month. Not much gains. Chance of accident at the workplace. Problems in family run business will be solved. Relief in legal matters.

Relationship – There will be happiness in relationships. You will take positive decisions. You will realize the folly of trusting outsiders in matters related to relationships. Not a great month for those looking to start a romantic relationship.

Married couples will solve old issues. You will take firm decisions. Children might cause some trouble.

Some health related issues. You need to be careful while handling vehicles.

Marriage will be delayed. There will be no progress in the talks.

Students will have a good period.

Journeys will be tiresome. Avoid unwanted travels.