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July 2014 Bengali Annaprashan Dates – First Rice Eating Ceremony Dates and time for Baby in July 2014

Bengali Annaprashan Dates and time in July 2014 based on Bengali Calendar and Panchika. Annaprashan is the first rice eating ceremony of baby. Bengali Hindu calendar is different from the calendars followed in other regions in India especially in North India. Annaprashan dates in West Bengal in July 2014 is given below. This Panchang and calendar dates are to give an idea.

There are no Annaprashan dates marked in July 2014 in most Bengali calendars and Panchika.

A local astrologer might be able to find a very rare auspicious period in July 2014; especially a short period of time on a day.  The entire day might not be good but a short time he might be able to locate.

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