Dhanu Rashi June 2014 – Dhanu Rasi Predictions – Sagittarius Zodiac in June 2014

Dhanu Rashi, or Sagittarius Horoscope, born people will see increase in unwanted expenditure in June 2014. You will participate in spiritual activities. There will be constant fear of enemies causing some damage. Good and auspicious dates in June 2014 for Dhanu Rasi, or Sagittarius Zodiac, are June 1, 7, 14, 18, 27 and June 28. The predictions are based on moon sign.

Career – A good month in career matters. Don’t take career decisions in haste. Avoid taking opinions from people who have no real knowledge about your career. Those looking for new job will face some tough situations – keep your calm as the stars are in your favor. Trouble from colleagues for some.

Finance – There will be some unwanted expenditure in this month. You should learn to keep financial discipline otherwise it will be difficult in future. Loans will be delayed. Gains will be made from stocks and speculation. You will get ancestral wealth. Legal matters related to financial issues will keep you occupied.

Business – Avoid confrontation as it will not help you in this month. Good month to implement new business ideas. Legal matters will be settled in your favor. Some trouble in family run businesses. Good month to invest in stocks and other long term investments.

Personal Life – Those in a relationship will have doubts about partner’s honesty and trustworthiness. Angry interactions with friends. Parents and relatives might cause some tense situations. You will be honored for your dedication. You will also get opportunity to prove your talent.

Married couples will have a tough period. Prejudice and believing in rumors will damage relationships. Children will bring joy.

Marriage talks will not bring the desired results.

Students will have a decent month.

Travels will be tough. Opportunity for spiritual journey.

Health related issues might keep you occupied.