Makar Rashi May 2014 – Makara Rasi Predictions – Capricorn Zodiac in May 2014

Makar Rashi, or Capricorn Horoscope, will see improvement in financial status in May 2014. Some tense situations. Problems related to vehicle. Good and auspicious dates in May 2014 for Makara Rasi, or Capricorn Zodiac, are May 3, 6, 13, 20, 25 and May 31. The predictions are based on moon sign.

Career – Not a good month to change jobs. Avoid taking risks with career. Those looking for new jobs will have some hope especially with the help of friends and relatives.

Finance – Good month to make investments. There will encouraging news in financial  matters. Old financial disputes will be settled. Avoid standing as surety or lending huge money this month. Loans will be delayed. Home renovation for some.

Business – Not a great month to talk about partnerships. You will need to be more discipline to face new challenges. You should have courage to drop old ideas that are not brining any return. You will find good employees. Legal issues might cause some trouble.

Personal Life – Not a great month to begin a new relationship. There will be some tense situations. You need to keep a check on your anger and words. Some misunderstandings will be cleared. There will be happy occasions in the family. You will participate in auspicious functions.

Married couples will have some difference of opinion.

Students will have a stagnant period.

Gains from journeys. Leisure trips will be planned.

Marriage talks might not be successful.

Health will be fine.