Simha Rashi March 2014 – Simha Rasi – Leo in March 2014

In March 2014, Simha Rashi or Leo horoscope born people will see help from different quarters. There will be increase in enthusiasm. Chance of accidents. Good and auspicious dates in March 2014 for Simha Rashi, or Leo Zodiac, are March 1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 and March 29, 2014.

Career – You will get new opportunities. Good month to change jobs. Before taking any decision take advice of people who have good knowledge in your field. Those looking for new jobs will be lucky. You will get help from colleagues and seniors. Some of you will decide to quit job and relocate to native place.

Money – A good month in financial matters. Money will be returned. Good month to make investments. Avoid greediness – all those that are offering you double returns etc are to cheat you. Take expert help before making huge investments. Loans will be approved. You might pay fine or penalties.

Relationships – Be honest in your relationship – you will have no problems in future. Your anger and unwanted expectation from your family will cause some worries. Don’t expect to hear ‘I Love You’ in this month – keep patience in matters of proposals. Parents and relatives will be helpful. Avoid unwanted situations and friendships – you will have plenty of them this month.

Business – Help from various sources will make you happy. Partners will bring new ideas which will be of great help. Stagnant period for those doing business in vehicles and agriculture related matters. Gains for those involved in printing and paper related business. Government matters will be delayed.

Marriage will be fixed for many in this month.

Health will be fine. Chance of accidents – vehicle and fire related.

Students should avoid unethical practices. There is no shortcut to success. Work hard.

Travels will be hectic. You will decide to postpone some journeys.