Makar Rashi March 2014 – Makara Rasi Predictions – Capricorn in March 2014

In March 2014, Makar Rashi or Capricorn Horoscope born people will participate in auspicious occasions. There will be gains from property. You will get opportunity to travel. Good and auspicious dates in March 2014 for Makar Rasi, or Capricorn Zodiac, are March 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 21, 23, 27 and March 31. The prediction is based on Moon sign.

Finance – You can expect some financial gains from property investment. But you need to be cautious in your approach in property matters. Money expected will not be returned in time. You will decide to buy a new vehicle. Loans will be approved with the help of spouse. You need to be careful with documents and money – chance of theft or loss. Avoid speculation as luck is not in your favor.

Career – You might face some sudden career related problems – trust your strength and ability and overcome it. Anger and frustration will cause damage to your career. Not much encouraging news for new job seekers. If you are in two minds regarding quitting present job and starting something of your own – then this is a good month. You need to be honest in your ability this will help in overcoming many problems.

Relationship – It will be a low in matters related to relationships. Be honest; if you are not, then you will suffer badly in this month – you will not be able to hide truth for long time. Married couples will have a good month. Some of you will be able to settle old disputes with the help of a mediator. Friends might try to create problems for you. If you wish to say ‘I Love You,’ or are eager to hear it, then this is not the month as stars are not in your favor.

Business – If you are looking to start a new business then do it after the first fortnight. Avoid dubious methods to make gains – it will end up in trouble. A partner will suddenly decide to pullout of your business. Some of you will decide to quit family run business. You will make friends with people who have knowledge of your business. Good month for those doing business related to farming.

Marriage talks might not bring the desire results.

Students will face some reversals. You need to work hard to make gains.

Travels will be successful.

Health will be fine.