Kumbh Rashi February 2014 – Kumbha Rasi – Aquarius Horoscope in February 2014

In February 2014, Kumbha Rashi, or Aquarius Horoscope, born people will get opportunity to display their talent and will become famous. Some of you will be traveling a lot in this month. Good auspicious dates for Kumbha Rashi, or Aquarius Zodiac, in February 2014 are February 1, 5, 7, 13, 16, 22, 24 and February 25, 2014.

Career – You will be rewarded for your past hard work. You can expect some tiff with a jealous colleague. Stay away from matters that are of not your concern. Those looking for new job will face some disappointments – things will improve during month end. Not a great month for doctors and other medical professionals. Artists will be honored.

Money – It will be stagnant period in financial matters. There will be a tendency to by costly luxury items – without realizing that they will be outdated soon. It is better to avoid stocks and speculation this month. You might not be lucky in lottery and games. Loans will be approved. Can expect some unexpected expenditure.

Business – There will some tense moments with partners or employees. Avoid taking unwanted risk this month. You might have to pay fine or penalty. Legal matters will keep you occupied. Those involved in farm related products will do well. Be careful before signing documents – take help of experts in the field. People might try to cheat you.

Relationships – Not a great month to start a new relationship – luck is not in your favor. So keep your proposal for another time. Married couples might not have a great month – some of you might stay apart. Relatives will be of great help. Friends might cause some damage to your reputation. Those in a relationship will not be happy regarding the progress of marriage.

Travels will be successful. Some of you will be traveling extensively in this month.

Marriage talks might not be successful. Some of you might have second thoughts about an already fixed marriage.

Students will have a good month.

Health will be fine for most parts. Eye related troubles for some.