Makar Rashi January 2014 – Makara Rasi January 2014

For people born in Makar Rashi, January 2014 will be lot of travels, there will be gains in vehicle deals and some of you will be haunted by unwanted thoughts. Some of you will buy a new vehicle. January 3, 8, 14, 18, 26 and January 31 are auspicious dates for Makara Rashi born people in 2014.

Finance – There will be no major issues related to money matters. But you need to be careful not to deal with unknown people in financial matters. Some of you will be investing in a new vehicle. Loans will be approved.

Business – It will be a good month for business people. You will sort out matters related to government. Partners will be helpful. Some employee related problems. An earlier project that you had no hope will bring positive results.

Career – Those looking for new jobs will be disillusioned by the negative responses. Not a good month to change jobs. Some of you will be forced to take up additional responsibilities. Difference between colleagues will be settled. Good month for those who are self employed.

Relationships – You will be misunderstood by friends and family. There will be happy occasions in the family. Not a great month for those in a relationship as there will be difference of opinion. Those looking into get involved romantically will face some set backs.

Marriage talks will be positive. Some of you will have your marriage fixed.

Students will have a good year.

Travels will be successful.

Health will remain fine.