Vrishabha Rashi Marriage 2014 – Marriage Related Astrology Predictions for Vrishabh Rashi in 2014

In 2014, Vrishabha Rashi born people will be frustrated regarding new marriage related matters. Some married couples will decide to stay apart in 2014. Those looking to get married will get good proposals but many external factors like finance, social status etc will ruin it.

Some married couples who have been tolerating several issues will decide to stay apart. You will feel that the old love and warmth is missing in your marriage. Work related pressure will cause damage to your family life.

For those looking to get married, you will find that people are refusing you and you will find it hard to digest. You should realize that marriage is not what they show in Bollywood movies. Be realistic and think about your career and studies – marriage will happen in due course.

Some of you will face delay in marriage function due to matters beyond your control. Some of you will have your engagement held this year but marriage will be delayed.