Dhanu Rashi Marriage 2014 – Marriage Related Astrology Predictions for Dhanu Rashi in 2014

In 2014, Dhanu Rashi born married people will face lot of difficulties. You will be unhappy with your partner’s response to many matters.  In 2014, you will see lot of financial related difference opinion with your spouse. On the bright side, some of you will convince your partner successfully to stay away from a bad habit.

This year you will doubt about your partner’s faithfulness. Communication gap and sudden changes in behavior of your spouse will be a cause of concern. It is better you discuss such matters with your partner directly. Avoid taking help of other people.

Some married couples will decide to go on a family vacation or spiritual tour.

Finance related problems will cause some trouble in your married life this year. It would be better to stop pointing fingers at each other.

Some of you will be blessed with a healthy child this year.