New Job for Vrishabha Rashi in 2014 – Job and Career Predictions for Vrishabh Rasi in 2014

For Vrishabha Rashi people 2014 will be a tough period for those looking for new jobs and change in career. Those already in a job will face some reversals. Doctors and lawyers will have a good year. In 2014, February, June, July, August and December are good months. January, March, May and November are bad months. April, September and October 2014 will be stagnant.

A previous wrong doing will come to haunt you this year. Some of you will be given additional responsibilities. You will not be happy with the increase in pay.  

Those looking for new jobs should avoid having huge expectations. Learn to go up step by step. It is wise to take what is on offer in your respective field.

Some of you might face sudden job loss, especially those working in foreign locations.

Chances of work related accidents for some.

You will see some relief during the middle of the year.