New Job for Mithuna Rashi in 2014 – Job and Career Predictions for Mithun Rasi in 2014

For people born in Mithnua Rashi 2014 will be a tough year in career and new job related matters. There will be encouraging news in a couple of months. Some of you will get new jobs this year. February, May, July, October and December 2014 are good months. January, March, April, June and November are tough months. August and September will be stagnant periods.

Good year for those looking to take up new job or other activities. Some of you will opt for voluntary retirement and decide to return and do jobs in home town. Some of you will get promotions. You will not be happy with the increase in salary.

Those looking for new jobs will have to go through numerous disappointments. Some of you will face delay even after successful interview.

Teachers, artists and lawyers will have a good year.