New Job for Mesha Rashi in 2014 – Career Predictions for Mesha Rasi in 2014

In 2014, for Mesha Rashi people there will be not much progress in career related matters as per moon sign astrology. You will not be happy with the new jobs on offer. Good year for those looking to get job in government sector. January, March, August and October are good months in 2014 for Mesha Rasi in job related matters. February, April, May, July, September and December are tough months. June and November will be neither good nor bad.

Some of you might face sudden job loss or reversal in career. Difference of opinion with management will be a constant cause of worry. A jealous colleague might cause some problems.

There will be few encouraging news for those looking for new job. Those that are on offer might not be of your liking. It is better to take the new job on offer as it will help in future career progress.

Job change should only be done after thorough research. Do not change job for just financial gain.

An encouraging factor is that some of you will get huge rewards for the hard work, dedication, and patience that you had put into your career.