Ardra Nakshatra 2014 Predictions – Birth Star Astrological Predictions for Arudhara Nakshatra in 2014

People born in Ardra Nakshatra will have mixed fortune in 2014. For Arudhara Birth Star things will improve during the third quarter of 2014. You will not be happy in progress in career. Ardra Nakshatra astrological predictions for 2014 is given below. As per Horoscope, Panchang, astrology and moon sign calendar followed in Hinduism, Ardra is in Mithun Rashi (Gemini Zodiac).

Career/Job – There will be difference of opinion with seniors and management. Gains this year for advertising professionals. You will be affected by the activities of your enemies and jealous colleagues. Artists and actors will have a good year. You will be making serious decision on career matter keeping in mind your future. Temporary workers will be made permanent. 

Finance – There will some trouble regarding rents. There will be loss in stock market. Investments will be made this year for future plans. Success in job related tests and interviews. You will be doing transaction in property. You should be careful to not to get cheated in financial matters.

Business – Business rivals will create problems for you. If you are into agency type of business then you will make huge gains. You will decide to change your business method to face the future.

Relationships – Children will make parents proud. You will be forced to intervene in family matters. Those in relationships will face some tense moments. There will be some serious of different of opinions in the family.
Health – You need to be careful with your health.

Students will perform will in exams and interview. You will perform well in sports and other cultural activities.

Marriage will be fixed and held for those people who have been planning to get married for long time.