Vrishabha Rashi 2014 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Taurus Zodiac– Rishabha Rasi in 2014 in English

For people born in – Taurus Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Vrishabha Rashi, 2014 will face some disappointments. Vrishabha Rashi 2014 Predictions are given in detail below. Rishabha Rasi will face situations that might prompt you to take some harsh decisions both in career and in family. January, October, July, and December 2014 are good. February, April, June, August and November 2014 will be neither good nor bad. March, May and September 2014 are bad.

Career/ Jobs - At the workplace you will have to do lot of adjustments. For professionals this is a period to stay calm and learn and hit back when the right opportunity comes. The wise thing to do in this year is to avoid direct conflicts. You will get opportunity to prove your worth in future. You will not be happy with the new job prospects. New job opportunities in abroad or outside your region will arise during the fag end of the year. Those in educational and medical field will move ahead in their career. Delay in appointments even after successful interview for some.

Business – Business people will face trouble with expansions. Income might be lower than your expectations. Loans will approved but after some initial negative developments. New partnerships will bring gains. Farmers who had invested in new crops will face some reversals. Gains for those investing agriculture related business. Self employed people will not be happy with their business.

Finance - Financially it is a stagnant period for most Vrishabha Rashi people. But for some there will be unexpected profit from real estate or other deals. There will be some trouble in government related financial matters. Need to be vigilant about those fixed assets on which you had not been paying much attention. It is wise to back out from financial deals if you are not satisfied with them – do not make investments on sentiments. You will be spending on religious activities.

Relationships – You will get opportunity to improve strained relationships with your friends and relatives. Marriage plans will go ahead smoothly for those who are single and looking to get married. Good year for those looking to start a new relationship. You will get into scandals due to unwanted relationships.

Women will take part in spiritual matters.

Children will bring happiness and will make you proud.

Be cautious while driving or using any kind of vehicle. Health will be fine.

Students will have a good period. Will not perform up to your expectations in exams and interviews but still you will make the cut.

Travels will be delayed.

Offer prayers to Ganesh daily. On Mondays, offer prayers to Shiva. Avoid unwanted talks and gossips. Perform food donation to children and elderly.