Uthrattathi Nakshatram 2014 predictions – Astrology Predictions in 2014 for Uthrittathi Nakshatra

Uttrattathi Nakshatra born people in 2014 will have tough period during the last six months. The beginning of the year will be good. Astrology prediction for Uthrittathi Nakshatram for 2014 based on Janmanaal is given below: Uthrattathi Nakshatra is the 26th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothish Shastra. Uthrattathi is in Meena Rashi or Meenakurru according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar.

Finance – You will make gains from property deals. People might try to cheat in financial deals. You will not get help from an expected source. You will start fresh investments keeping mind the needs of family members. Avoid listening to other people in investments as it will lead to money loss. Some of you will start building a new house. All investments should be made after consulting professionals and thorough research. Financial damage due to vehicles.

Career/Job – You will be happy with your efforts regarding job. Should avoid trusting others with your work. Good year for freelancers and self employed. Some of you will quit job and decide to take some rest or indulge in other activities. Good year for those working in factories and shops. You will get promotion when you were least expecting it. Delay in joining new job even after successfully passing tests and interviews. You will be able to complete projects on time. Good year to change jobs for those looking for it. Accident at workplace for some. Some of you will face some reversals in career due to factors not in your control.

Business – Your efforts in the past will yield good results. You will get opportunity to start business and shops. You will end partnerships. You will not be happy with business progress. You will start business with partnership from abroad. You will decide to buy new business establishments like shops etc. Contractors will face fund crunch. Legal matters will go against you. Avoid taking risk in business matters. Not a good year to get into confrontation with government.

Relationships – Misunderstandings will be cleared. You will patch up with relatives with whom you had difference of opinion. You will hear gossips or will become part of scandals. Parents will be helpful. Siblings will come to your rescue. Those in a relationship will have a tough year. Avoid taking harsh decisions in family matters. Anger might cause some serious damage.

Health progress in the beginning of the year. Chance of accident from vehicle or fire. You will get news on health of a family member that was worrying.

You will travel to distant places. Travels will be fruitful.

Marriage plans will be stuck. Some of you will have engagement fixed. Those whose marriage did not happen in the past will have it held in this year.

Students will make progress. You will get scholarships or other funds for higher studies. Students who are interested in painting, writing or performing arts will have a good year.