Rohini Nakshatra 2014 Predictions – Rohini Nakshatram Astrological Predictions 2014

Rohini Nakshatra will see both negative and positive developments in 2014. Some Rohini Nakshatram people will face job loss or business failure. There will be gains from property deals. Detail astrological predictions for 2014 can be found below. You should avoid unnecessary relationships. As per Hindu astrology and calendar Rohini Nakshatra is in Vrishaba Rasi or Edavakurru (Taurus Zodiac).

Finance – There will be financial gains from new investments in property. Luck is not in your favour so you will be disappointed after missing lotteries and other such matters. Some of you will invest in a new home or vehicle. You will get family property. Speculations might cause loss. Do not trust other people with investments; personally make sure about the investments made. Sudden unexpected expenses will cause some troubles.

Career - Professionals will not be happy with work. Some you will be able to make use of your authority for good. Job loss or a transfer to undesired location for some is a possibility this year. At workplace, some of you will be able to complete projects on time and gain reputation. Self employed professionals will be disappointed with developments. Avoid taking harsh decisions regarding career based on a single incident. Not a good year to change jobs.

Business - Some of you will be able to perform exceedingly well and this will help in getting new contracts. Business people will see change in fortune after the second part of the year. There will be some employee related issues and accidents. Farmers will have a good year. Some of you will get good business partners. You will modify shops and other establishments.

Relationships – You will be participating in auspicious events in the family. Spouse will be of great help. You might get into arguments with a relative. Love related matters will cause some worries. Avoid making hasty decisions in matters of relationships. You will cleared of a scandal haunting you for years.

Delay in foreign travels. Travels will be hectic.

Students will do well in competitive exams. You will perform well in arts and other related subjects.

Marriages will be fixed and held for some.

Health problems will be solved. Chances of accidents are high.

Offer prayers to Ganesh and Shiva daily for solving all problems this year.