Mithuna Rashi 2014 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Gemini Zodiac in 2014 – Mithun Rasi

For people born in – Gemini Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mithuna Rashi, 2014 will bring luck, enthusiasm and achievement. You will focus on personal matters more this year. Mithuna Rashi 2014 Predictions are given in detail below.You will also reach out to new friends. This year try to set goals and try to achieve it patiently. June, August, November and December 2014 are bad. February, March, July, October 2014 will be neither good nor bad. January, April, May and September 2014 are good.

Career/Jobs – Professionals will get help from seniors and management people. At the workplace, you will get a position which has authority. Avoid arguments with colleagues and others at the workplace. Some of you will be making travels to different places as part of your job. Sudden reversals in career or job loss can happen this yer but it should be seen an opportunity to try for better things. Self employed professionals will see positive changes.

Business – You will be making business plans and you will get gains through contacts. You will be invited to participate in social and development matters. Business people will face some trouble during the second half of the year. Gains for farmers and those involved in medical related businesses. Employees might cause some worries. Partnerships should be made after thorough research. Loss related to climate changes is possible.

Finance – There will be fluctuations in the financial front. This will create some frustrations but you will overcome it. Those into stock market needs to be very careful. Gains will be made through investments in real estate. Some of you will buy new vehicle this year. Construction of house will be delayed due to reasons beyond your control. Luck is not in your favor so avoid taking unwanted financial risks. There will be an additional income opportunity for some. Avoid trusting friends with investments.

Relationships – Romance depends upon the effort you make. You will need to improve in creativity and connectivity to meet your heart’s demand. Married people will have a happy family life. Your greatest enemy in 2014 will be your ego. Relationships can go stale if ego is not checked. Problems in family should be solved patiently. Avoid prejudice. There will be some skirmishes with friends and relatives.

Health will improve – an illness causing trouble for sometime will be cured. Health issues of a family member will keep you worried.

Students will get opportunities to show their talent and skills. Some of you will not be happy with results. Avoid making hasty decision regarding the courses you like to join.

Marriage plans will be delayed.

Those looking to travel abroad might face some delays.

Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. Make it a habit to read scriptures or listen to satsang.