Makar Rashi 2014 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Capricorn Zodiac – Makara Rashi 2014

In 2014, Makar Rashi – Capricorn Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – people will face some tough situations in career related matters. It will be a good year in money related matters. February, May, July, October 2014 will see equal amount of good and bad period. June, September, November and December 2014 are good months. January, March, April, August 2014 are bad months.

Finance – There will be no major financial worries but greediness and foolishness can change the scenario. You will buy property or you will get ancestral wealth this year and its value will rise. You will get money from various sources but you will have to learn to invest it wisely. Some of you will get income from an unexpected source. Some of you will be lucky in speculation and lottery related matters. Good year to invest in properties, metals and automobiles. Loans given to friends or relatives will be returned. Be careful while handling bank documents. You will get home loans but there will be delay in moving into new house.

Career – Professional life will be a year of difficulties. Some of you can expect promotions. Don’t expect high perks. Those attending interviews may goof up. Those looking for jobs in police, defence and other government services will get it. Professionals might lose a good opportunity. Court matters related to your job will be settled in your favor.  Job opportunities that you get might not be of your liking. At the workplace you need to be ready to accept new changes. Sudden job loss for some but you can get a better one if you keep your determination high. There will be tough deadlines and you will need to work hard to get the results.

Business - Business people will get positive results for their earlier hard work. New ventures in the year will not yield positive results but if you are patient, they will turn good in future. People involved in shops and direct selling will face some loss. Not a good year for those in automobile and related business. Good year for farmers, contractors and those in agency related business. Some of you will close a part of your business and focus on core business. New partnerships will be helpful.

Relationships - You will get help from parents, family members and elders in fulfilling your dreams. Romance quotient is high. You will find new relationships. There will be some scandals that will keep your personal life in turmoil. Some of you will get new family responsibilities. You will need to take care of elders in the family. There will be birth in the family. Auspicious functions will be held in the family. There will be some worries and tensions about a family matter. Those in relationship will get into verbal duels.

Travels will be successful. For a major portion of the year, some of you will live away from home. There are also chances of foreign trips.

On the health front, it is a mixed year. You will get relief from an illness that was troubling you. Chances of accidents for some from fire, sharp objects and water.

Marriage proposals that you make on your own will be rejected. Engagement will be held for some this year. Marriage will be held in the beginning or end of the year for some.

Students will get good results. But some of you will find it to get admission in a desired college. Lack of interest in studies and laziness will cause some damage in the latter part of the year.