Dhanu Rashi 2014 Predictions – Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Sagittarius Zodiac in 2014

In 2014, Dhanu Rashi – Sagittarius Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – people will have some good moments. There will be improvement in financial status. Detail Dhanu Rashi Astrology Predictions for 2014 is given below. January, April, July, August 2014 are both good and bad. March, May, October, and December 2014 are good months. February, June, September and November 2014 will be tough months.

Finance – There will be opportunity for extra income. This year is the ideal time to make investments. Some government related troubles in money matters. There will be plenty of financial opportunities. Some trouble regarding ancestral wealth. You will try your luck in buying and selling stocks. You will win financial disputes. You may also opt for joint finances and joint holdings. You will explore all avenues of investment. Some of you will win lottery type prizes. Some people might invest in a new vehicle. Delay in moving into new house.

Job/Career – You may opt for a change in career. Avoid overreacting to situations. You may also change career and enter into new profession. New jobs for some people but not at a desired location. At the workplace you will be forced to take up additional responsibilities. Fear of job loss will haunt some but it can be overcome through realizing your potential. Seniors and colleagues will be of great help. Some of you will have to deal with tough deadlines. Some of you will quit the present job and take up self employment. You will get a long denied promotion.

Business – You will get new business partners. Business people will make positive decisions. Results of meetings will be delayed but will be in your favour. Legal decisions will cause some trouble. Employ related problems will be solved. Some of you will start new partnership business. Heavy loss for some due to unpredictable weather. Good year for farmers, those dealing in heavy machinery.

Relationships – Some of you will find new friends. Bachelors and those in relationships will face some ego clashes and misunderstandings. Family vacations will have to be changed. Children will create some problems. Relatives will cause some trouble. Death of a near person will cause some tense moments. Difference between siblings will be sorted out.

Marriage will be fixed and held as per desire this year.

Students will not be happy with results. You will realize this year that there is no substitute to hard work. Higher studies opportunities for some. Researchers will perform well.

Travel plans will be delayed. Job related travels will be successful.

Some health concerns related to stomach and heart for some people.