Bhadra Kal Tithi Date and Time in February 2013

Bhadra Kal is a certain period in a Tithi as per Hindu astrology and calendar. It is considered a bad period. Below is the Bhadra Kal date and time in month of February 2013. Bhadra Kal time is considered inauspicious for journey, auspicious events and to start new venture. The time of Bhadra Kal is different in calendars and panchangs followed in western parts of India.

Bhadra Kal Tithi time based on North India Panchang and Calendar:

From 7:40 AM February 2 to 6:46 AM on February 3, 2013
12:23 PM on February 5 to 11:13 PM on February 5
4:21 PM on February 8 to 3:21 AM on February 9
10:08 PM on February 13 to 10:11 AM on February 14
1:26 PM on February 17 to 2:23 AM on February 18
8:33 AM on February 21 to 9:34 PM on February 21
1:31 AM on February 25 to 1:42 PM on February 25
12:26 PM on February 28 t0 12:04 AM on March 1

In western India calendar and Panchang there is a time difference of two hours or more at times. South Indian calendars have similar timing pattern to North India.