Revathi Nakshatra 2013 Predictions – Astrology Predictions in 2013 for Revati Nakshatram

Revathi Nakshatra people will begin the year 2013 on a stagnant note. Things will improve by the middle of the year. You will need to work hard for success. There will be improvement in financial matters. Astrology prediction for Revati Nakshatram for 2013 based on Janmanaal is given below: Revathi Nakshatram is the 27th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothisha. Revathi is in Meena Rashi or Meenakurru according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar.

Finance – You will see some improvement in money matters in the first quarter of the year. Gains from traditional savings method. You will get possession of ancestral wealth. Will spend money for social cause. Luck is in your favor during the second quarter of the year – might win lotteries or games. Will utilize money on career of siblings or for education purpose of children.

Career – You will not be happy with workplace environment. Projects will not move ahead smoothly. Some of you will get temporary jobs in government departments. You will be forced to speak untruth. Fights with colleagues is a possibility. Some of you will be forced to quit present job and join a new job.

Relationships – Children will cause some trouble. Those couples that were staying apart due to difference of opinion will patch up. You might get insulted by the opposite sex. Friends will not be helpful. Should not ignore advice of experienced people and elders.

Business – Business people will see increase in business. Money that was blocked due to government action will be released. Some loss in partnership business. Property matters related to business will be settled amicably. There will be some serious difference of opinion with employees in the middle of the year. Some of you might shift business to another location.

Marriages will be fixed for some. Those that were having delay in marriage will see positive developments.

Some of you might move into new home.

Health will show improvement. You will get relief from a disease troubling for long time.

People associated with music will have a good year. Students will have a fairly good year. Sport persons will have a good year. Actors will face some tough situations.

Some of you will undertake pilgrimage.

Travels will be successful.

Some of you will buy new vehicle.

Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. Find time to meditate and read scriptures. This year some of your hopes will be dashed. Your happiness should not depend on other people. Keeping quiet will help in many situations.