Mrigasira Nakshatra 2013 Predictions – Astrology Predictions

In 2013, those people that were born during the first two quarter of Mrigasira Nakshatra will have a good period. Those born in the rest two quarter will have a tough period. You might face delay in many of your activities. Detail astrology predictions for Mrigasira Nakshatra in 2013 are found below. As per Panchangam, astrology and calendar followed in Hindu tradition, the first half (two quarter) of Mrigasira Nakshatra is in Vrishaba Rashi (Taurus Zodiac) and the second half (two quarters) in Mithuna Rashi (Gemini Zodiac).

Finance – Some of you might face financial difficulties in this year. There will be unexpected expenses related to health. You will be forced to think about your investments as some of them might be yielding desired results. Some of you will get traditional family wealth.

Health – It will be a cause of concern. Health of a family member might be of serious concern. Things will improve during the last quarter of the year.

Business – The year will start briskly with positive developments. There will be some unexpected problems during the middle of the year. Loans will be approved. Government related problems will cause some worry.

Career – You will think that you have lot of enemies at workplace. This is purely imagination. Promotions will be delayed. Good year to change jobs. Transfers to desired area for some. Those looking for new jobs will not be happy with salary or position – be wise and expect the offer – there is scope for improvement.

Students will have to do hard work to get desired results. Luck is not in your favor – avoid taking risks. Lawyers, doctors and engineers will face some major troubles. Artists will have normal year with no major developments.

Marriage – As per desire will take place.

Relationships – you might get into good relationship with the opposite sex. Family members will help financially. Children might cause some trouble. Friends might turn enemies due to your actions.

You might take up new position in society or in organizations.

Travel related troubles might cause some concern.

Offer prayers to Ganesha, Krishna and Shiva. Opting for vegetarian food on Mondays will be good. Chant Mahamritunjaya mantra. Read the Gita. Always keep in mind that certain things are not under the control of human beings. Change is necessary.