Moolam Nakshatra predictions 2013 – Mulam Nakshatram Astrology Predictions in 2013

In 2013, there will be some trouble for Moolam Nakshtra people. Planetary positions are not in the favor for Mulam Nakshatram in 2013. Moolam Nakshatram is the 19th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisha or astrology. As per Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar Mulam is in Dhanu Rashi or Dhanu Kurru (Sagittarius Zodiac), Astrology Predictions for Moolam Nakshatra for 2013 is given below:

Career – Your temporary job will become permanent. Some of you will get promotions. Excessive showoff will cause damage. It is better to show your knowledge when asked. Career related matters will find new direction during the second quarter of the year. Gossips will haunt you.

Finance – you can expect some unexpected expenditure during the month beginning. But things will normalize as you will get extra income. Will make gains through rent. You should be careful about materials that you had pawned. You will need to utilize wealth for matters related to children.

Business – Starting of the year is good for business. Deals with government will be fruitful. Will include new partners in business. Will take important decisions. Attempts to sort various issues will face delay during the last quarter.

Relationships – Should not neglect family members. You will get opportunity travel or spend time with friends. Spouse might not show flexibility. Will not be happy with the attitude of parents.

Students will spend time on extra curricular activities. Those related to literature will have a good year. Artists will face some trouble.

Marriage will be fixed for some.

Travels will be successful.

Investment in vehicle or home will be delayed. Some of you will move into a new rented house.

Health troubles for a near family member.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Bhagavathi daily. Read the Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Vasishtam. Trying to dominate or influence other people is not a solution. It won’t be stable. You should show flexibility.