Meena Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Pisces Zodiac

For people born in Meena Rashi – Pisces Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – 2013 will be a very good year. You can expect positive development in career and relationships. February, May, July, August and October 2013 are fairly good months but with some slight difficulties for Meen Rasi. January, June, September, November, and December 2013 are good months. March and April 2013 will some tough times.

Finance – Do not opt for investments involving risk. Greediness will cause huge harm. Investment made earlier will bring good income this year. Make important financial decision only after considering all aspects. Avoid giving and taking of money between friends. You can expect some unexpected financial gains.

Career – Avoid using harsh words. Career will take a positive direction during the last quarter of the year. Avoid taking short cuts. You will feel proud after attaining success due to your effort. Some of you will decide to quit present job and become self employed. There will be promotion for some during second quarter of the year.

Relationships – Fights in family should be settled early – hear to the advice of the eldest member in the family. Some of you will stay away from family. Lovers will face some difficulties. Spouse will be more understanding. Children will create some trouble.

Business – You will show renewed vigor and accept new challenges during the last quarter of the year. You will be able to establish in your business field. New business ideas will be successful. New friends will be helpful. You will make gains in partnership business.

You will be participating in spiritual programs and pilgrimages.

Artists and musicians will be honored. Students might get into legal troubles. Some students will get admission for higher studies in desire subjects. Farmers will have a good year.

You need to be wary of people. Smiling face might be to deceive you.

Stomach ailments might trouble you in certain months.

You will participate in social activities and gain respect in society.

Long travels during the first quarter of the year.

Should avoid taking risk in matters related to law. Follow rules as luck is not in your favor.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Read Bhagavad Gita. Avoid unnecessary show of wealth. Keep a low profile. Avoid harsh driving and taking risk to showoff.