Makar Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Capricorn Zodiac

In 2013, Makar Rashi – Capricorn Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – people need to be cautious in all your financial activities. You can expect some fights and difference of opinion with family members. January, March, April, July and September 2013 will see equal amount of good and bad period.
February and June 2013 are bit tough months. May, August, October and November 2013 are fairly good months.

Career – At workplace you should be careful in all your activities. Work related long travel for some. Some fights with seniors during the starting months of the year. Legal matters will be in your favor. Promotion or increase in salary for some during the third quarter of the year. Good year to change jobs but should not do it by straining relationships.

Business - Avoid making harsh decisions. Should try to avoid controversy as it will only cause damage. Long pending works will be completed. Can expect relief in government related matters. New business partners will bring profit and better ideas. You will see increase in profit during the last quarter of the year.

Finance – Important financial decisions should be taken only after proper consideration. People will try to cheat you in money related matters – avoid making financial deal with new acquaintances. Court cases on financial matters will be settled in your favor. There will be improvement in finance during the second half of the year. You will be spending money on children

Relationships – there will be some difference of opinion with family members during the first quarter of the year. Old friends will be of great help. Elders in the family will come to your rescue in crisis. Lovers might face some tense situations. This year you need to show flexibility in your relationships.

Travels will be successful.

Health will be generally fine. Some health troubles will keep you occupied during the last months of the year.

You status in the society will increase.

Students will need to work hard as luck is not in their favor this year. You will find success in tests and interviews during the second part of the year. Artists will have a tough year.

You can expect major change in your life during the start of the second quarter of the year.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and your personal deity daily. Mind will wander into unwanted thoughts – you should practice meditation to keep a check on the mind. Avoid getting into arguments with relatives. Make the habit of reading holy scriptures or spiritual articles.