Dhanu Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Sagittarius Zodiac

Dhanu Rashi – Sagittarius Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – will see equal amounts of good and bad phases in 2013. This year you will be troubled by the activities of others. You will make financial gains. December and March 2013 will bring mixed fortune. January, February, June, October and November 2013 are fairly good months. April, May, July, August and September 2013 will see some really tough situations.

Finance – Financial calculations will be as per your desire during the first quarter. Year end will see some unexpected expenditure. Can expect an extra income in the family. Avoid discussing financial matters with others. You will get involved with people who are experts in money related matters.

Career – Patience and calmness will solve a lot of problems this year at the workplace. You will be given responsibility of new projects. Those looking for job will find one. Should keep office secrets in your mind. Some colleague will cause trouble for no reason. Not a good year to change jobs.

Business – New business idea will be materialized during the last quarter of the year. Large amount of money will be received during the first quarter. New partnership business for some. You will make gains over your competitors.

Relationships – Need to keep your temper under control at home. Spouse should maintain calm. You will make elders in the family happy. New ideas employed in business will be successful. Trouble from neighbors is a possibility.

Health problems during the beginning of the year for some.

Students will see good improvement from the beginning of the second half of the year. Artists and teachers will have a good year. Self employed will make good gains.

Accident from vehicles or by slipping is a possibility.

Marriage related talks will be successful.

Old legal matters will be taken up during this year.

Travels will be tiring and not successful.

Investment in new home or property should not be undertaken during the beginning of the second quarter of the year.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and your personal deity daily. Read Ramayana. You will realize this year that world around you is based on money. This year you will get to know who are your true friends and relatives.