Chathayam Nakshatra predictions 2013 – Astrology Predictions in 2013 for Chatayam Nakshatram

For those people born in Chathayam Nakshatra 2013 will be a year of mixed fortune and most part being stagnant. You can expect some gains in career. Astrology prediction for Chathayam Nakshatram for 2013 based on Janmanaal is given below: Chathayam Nakshatram is the 24th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu astrology or Jyothisha. Chatayam is in Kumbha Rashi or Kumbha Kurru (Aquarius Zodiac) according to Hindu moon astrology, panchang and traditional calendar.

Finance – There will be extra income in the family – especially through children. You will get property documents which were lost or misplaced. You will give money as donation for welfare or other activities. There will be gains from property deals. You will invest in costly items. Loans will be approved fast.

Career – those involved in automobile and machinery industry will see positive developments. Those in government service will get promotion and also transfer to desired place. There will be positive development in career as a result of contacts with the right people. You might not be able to meet deadlines.

Relationships – Attempts to gain upper hand in family through anger and other such forceful methods will backfire. Bad friendship might damage reputation. Relatives will not be happy with your decisions. Differences with brothers or sisters will be sorted out. Neighbors will be helpful.

Business – You will get opportunity to expand your business. Some of you will get desired property for expanding business. There will be development in business through partnership and external investment. Legal and government matters might eat up your time.

Students will perform well in music, dance and other extra curricular activities. It is a good year for singers, dancers and other performing artists. Those students hoping to get admission in technical course will find one in a desired environment.

Health troubles of children or younger members in the family. Chances of accidents – especially by vehicles.

Opportunity to travel abroad for some.

There will be delay in marriage related matters. Things will improve by the middle of the year.

Some of you will get opportunity celebrate festivals and other happy occasions with family and friends after long time.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Shiva daily. Read scriptures. Try to not to get swayed by emotions. Think well before acting. Avoid attempts to dominate others. Stay away from taking favors from others in the form of bribe etc.