Vrischika Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Scorpio Zodiac

For people born in – Scorpio Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Vrischika Rashi, 2013 will see some tough period. There will be advantage in the form of good relationships. January and May 2013 are fairly good months. There will be both good and bad phases during February, April, July and September. March, June August, October and November 2013 will be tough.

Finance – Starting months of the year is good for investments. You will get blocked funds but after some effort. Loss from speculation and stock market. Funds given years ago will be returned. Should avoid investing in luxury items during the last quarter of the year. Avoid breaking rules – chances of paying fines.

Career – You should no sit idle when you feel the time is not in your favor. Work hard now as it will bring gains later. At the workplace avoid unwanted talks as it will cause some trouble. You will have to do lot work this year including additional responsibilities. You will move ahead in your workplace.

Business – Business people should take advice before making huge investments or starting business. Will face some legal or document related problems. You will make profit from partnership businesses. Should avoid taking business risks during the second half of the year.

Relationships – Friends will help in many ways. This year you need to be careful with words. You might be misunderstood by near ones. Children will bring happy news. Should be wary of people who try to impress you with sweet words. Chances of falling into the trap of unwanted friendships.

Health troubles during the first quarter of the year. Health of an elder member in the family will cause some trouble during the middle part of the year.

Sportspersons will have a fruitful year. Students will not be happy with results. Higher studies opportunities abroad will face some delay.

Should not change your decisions when you feel you are correct.

Chances of accidents from vehicles.

Travel plans will be delayed. Work related travel will be fruitful.

Marriage plans will be smooth for some.

There will be auspicious occasions in the family.

Housewives will have luck in their favor.

Planetary positions are good during the start of the year is good for all activities.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Hanuman daily. Read Ramayana. You need to take the control of your life into your hands. You are your best judge. Learn to say NO when it matters.