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Upanishad Ganga Episode 14 on Married Life – Grihastha Ashram

Upanishad Ganga Television Series episode 14 explores the Grihasta Ashram. The episode uses the life Mahakavi Magha (Poet Magha of eighth century AD) to explore the greatness of Grihastha Ashram which follows Brahmacharya. The happiness, sadness, fights, doubts, sharing, caring…of Grihastha Ashram are explained wonderfully in this episode.

Upanishad Ganga is a series depicting the concept of Upanishads.

The series is currently airing on Doordarshan on every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 10.30 AM.

Link - Upanishad Ganga Episode 14 on Married Life (you can watch this and other episodes on the official youtube channel of Upanishad Ganga


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