Tula Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Libra Zodiac

For people born in – Libra Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Tula Rashi, 2013 will have a fairly good year. Some of you can expect unexpected setbacks in certain months - this will be temporary  April (first three weeks), August, September and October 2013 are fairly good period for Tula Rashi. January, February, March, May, July and November 2013 will be months of fluctuating fortune. April (last week), June and December 2013 are tough periods.

Finance – Your income will rise slightly but you will see expenditure too rising. Important financial decisions should not be made in haste. You can make lot of gains this year by firmly saying no to unjust financial demands. Not much gains from stock markets. Legal issues regarding family wealth will trouble you.

Career – You will get appreciated for your hard work and innovative ideas. Should avoid conflicts. Try to have a flexible approach. When in doubt try to take opinion of different people. Second part of the year is good for changing jobs. Jealous colleagues might cause some damage during the third quarter of the year.

Relationships – Relatives will misunderstand you. This might cause some mental agony. You will make parents proud. Family life will be good. Lovers will have a bad year. Will get help from unexpected quarter.

Business – Year beginning will be good. You need to focus more. Try to make adjustments with partners and employees. Profit should not always be your main consideration. Your competitors might try to use unfair means to unsettle you. Will have to travel a lot for business related matters.

Marriages for some people will be delayed due to unexpected reasons.

There will constant health troubles. Serious health issues during summer.

There will be no peace of mind for some. This is mainly due to unwanted thoughts and unnecessary worries.

You will get opportunity to meet and make friendship with people in high positions.

Artists will get good opportunities. Students will be appreciated by teachers and elders. Some delay in higher studies for some. Doctors and engineers will have fluctuating fortune.

Dream of foreign travel will be fulfilled.

You will participate in spiritual and social activities.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Goddess Durga daily. Chant any Devi Stotram daily. You need to be careful while using words. In some places it is better not to give your opinion. Stay away from arguments and fights.