Thriketta Nakshatra predictions 2013 – Trikketta Nakshatram Astrology Predictions in 2013

For people born in Thriketta Nakshatra, 2013 will be a fruitful year. You will make gains from new business engagements. Good results from travel. Astrology Predictions for Trikketta Nakshatram for 2013 based on Janmanaal is given below: Thriketta Nakshatram is the 18th birth star among 27 Nakshatrams in Hindu Jyothisham or astrology. As per Hindu moon astrology Thriketta is in Vrishicka Rashi or Vrischika Kurru (Scorpio Zodiac).

Career – You will have to do lot of paper work. Some of you will get promotion. You will get help from seniors. You will be able to successfully deal with your adversaries. There will be bad environment in the workplace during the second quarter. You should find out ways to come out of troubles than depending on others.

Finance – Some of you will get traditional family jewelry. Spouse will be of help financially. Avoid unnecessary display of wealth especially while traveling. You will invest in new home. Might use money to buy luxury items.

Business – You can expect some government related troubles. You need to concentrate more on your field of activity. Lethargic attitude will cause big trouble this year. Employees will be helpful. Business will show remarkable improvement from the second quarter of the year.

Relationships – Couples who have been having difference of opinion will sort it out. You will meet an old friend or a relative whom you had not met for several years. There will be fights with opposite sex.

Health will improve.

Artists will have a fairly good year. Good year for writers and journalists. Students will perform well in tests and interviews.

Some of you will take refuge in spirituality to find peace of mind.

Your status in the society will increase.

You will get opportunity to interact and make friendship with people in power.

Chances of accidents from fall.

Offer prayers to Ganesha daily. Read holy texts. You should learn to keep your thoughts under control. Unwanted thoughts and prejudice will hamper your development.