Simha Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Leo Zodiac

Simha Rashi – Leo Zodiac (Hindu Astrology Moon Sign) – people will see fluctuating fortune in 2013. Some people will see high followed by low. You will be able to defeat your enemies. January, February, March, May, August, September, and December 2013 will see some good and bad times. April and October 2013 will be tough periods. June, July (except for last week) and November 2013 are good for you.

Finance – year will begin on a positive note in money matters. Avoid unwanted display of wealth. Avoid taking hasty financial decisions. A new source of income in the family during the last quarter of the year. Avoid exchange of money or giving loan to friends.

Career – You will be able to overcome jealous colleagues. You will get extra responsibilities. Some of you will get promotions during the first quarter of the year. There will be good environment at workplace during the third quarter of the year. Should not fall into the trap of making easy money – do not take favors or bribe – it will cause heavy damage.

Relationships – You should make sure that fights with relatives and family members are solved at the earliest. Do not have high expectations from others. There will be happy occasions in the family in the form of birth of new child. Love related matters will get encouraging response.

Business – You will see your plans working during the first quarter of the year. Need to be cautious. You should clearly study all matters before signing documents – people might try to cheat you. You will have to take important decisions this year. Those involved in farming will need to be cautious during the third quarter of the year.

Marriage – will take place during the year end for those looking.

Health – there will some serious health issues during the second half of the year.

Artists and writers will see encouraging results during the middle of the year. Students will get admission in desire field for higher studies. Bad friendship will bring shame and damage to reputation.

Travel for some during the middle of the year. Travels will be hectic.

Some of you will buy land or house.

Damage through vehicle, fire or sharp objects is a possibility.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Hanumanji daily. Read Hanuman Chalisa. You need to keep your confidence level high. You should also know your limitations and strengths. Important decisions should only be made after proper thought.