Rohini Nakshatra Predictions 2013 – Rohini Nakshatram Astrological Predictions

Rohini Nakshatra will see mixed fortune in 2013. This year Rohini Nakshatram people will face some trouble in the family. Second quarter of 2013 there will be improvement in money matters. Detail astrological predictions for 2013 can be found below. You should avoid unnecessary relationships. As per Hindu astrology and calendar Rohini Nakshatra is in Vrishaba Rasi or Edavakurru (Taurus Zodiac).

Finance – Some of you might get unexpected wealth. There should be no major money related trouble. Some of you might make good returns from short term investments. Greediness might cause severe damage.

Health – Generally health will be fine. There are chances of accident – especially fire or related sharp objects.

Career – It will be stagnant for most part of the year. Some of you might be really frustrated. Not ideal time to change jobs. Patience will yield good return in future. New job seekers will be disappointed with offers.

Business – Will spend lot of time in legal matters. Partners might cause some trouble. Things will improve by the middle of the year.

Relationships – friends and family members will be of great help. Spouse might cause some trouble. You might face scandals and gossips. Reputation will be at stake.

Marriage – Will be delayed due to sudden problems for some. Most will have marriage held as per desire.

Students and research people will have a good year. Writers, artists and musicians will do well.

Travels will be successful. Some of you will get opportunity to travel to foreign countries.

Offer prayers to Ganesha and Vishnu daily. Offer prayers to Goddess Durga. Do not have high expectations. Do not expect others to behave and talk in the way you want. Read Srimad Bhagavad Purana – especially the story of the 24 gurus of Dattatreya.