Navratri First Day Puja Time in 2016 – Good Time for Navratri Puja in 2016

Navratri first day is highly auspicious in northern and western parts of India and in Nepal. Kalash Sthapana Puja or Ghatasthapana is held on the day. The best time for Navratri puja on October 1, 2016 is from 7:55 AM to 9:16 AM and from 10:47 AM to 12:40 PM

In Ghatasthapana, a kalash with an image of Goddess Durga is installed in the house on the day. The pot or kalash is filled with water and is covered with cow dung and seeds (like barely or wheat) are sown on the dung. The pot is kept on a sand bed and seeds are sown on this too.

Special pujas are conducted on the pot and water is sprinkled daily. The seeds sprout and reach about 3 or 5 five inches on the tenth day. They are distributed as Prasad on the Vijaya dasami day.