Mesha Rashi 2013 Predictions Based on Hindu Astrology Moon Sign Aries Zodiac

For people born in – Aries Zodiac – Hindu Moon Sign – Mesha Rashi, 2013 will begin in not so encouraging note. But things will improve later. Those looking for new jobs will get encouraging response. February, March, June 2013 are good for Mesha Rasi. January, August, December. 2013 are neither good nor bad. April, May, July, September, October, November 2013 will see some troubles.

In the beginning of year you will see improvements in the field of work. Financial troubles will continue for some more time.

During the first quarter of the year (after January) you will see some drastic change in career, relationship and finance mainly due to increase in self confidence. Friendship will be made with people in authority. Old friends will be also of great help. New financial options will open up. Some of you will get opportunity to buy new vehicles.

Hard times during the second quarter especially in April month with most things not going as per your expectations. There will be difference of opinion among family members.

Those buying or building new house will run into financial and other troubles. Things will improve later.

After a lull you will see improvement in all fields including good financial changes in June month.

You will get opportunity to travel during the middle of the year.

Last quarter of the year will be trouble some. Don’t keep high expectations from relatives.

Jobs/career – Encouragement for those looking for new jobs. There will be tough times at workplace.
Finance – Good. Some of you will find additional source of income.
Relationship – Ups and down.
Marriage – Will take place after some initial hiccups.
Luck – Not in your favor. You will need to do hard work.

Offer prayers to Ganesha to overcome all troubles. There is no shortcut – hard work, prayers and honesty will save the day.